2018 - now
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I'm currently leading design and user research for credit card — where I get to work with some of the awesome people in the picture above.

Over the last few years I have helped raise the bar of our product, grow an international team, shape design and product culture and foster customer understanding as we built a relationship with over 25MM users.

Here are some of the stories I've been part of ⤵

Livework Studio

2015 - 2018
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During three years at Livework Studio, I have worked on numerous service and product design projects accross different industries.

One of my favourite projects was to help the biggest airline in the region create a five year vision for their business class. This project completely re-positioned their business strategy based on a deep understanding of their users. I also had a lot of fun building high-level prototypes to test inside a Boeing 777.

Projects can't be publicly disclosed.

Other lives

2009 - 2018

Before that, I have helped brands trailblaze the early days of social networks; launched a platform for medical doctors to discover and publish research papers; built physical products for the home in the UK and and even had my own company to help older adults get started in tech.

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