product designer fighting complexity in Brazil.

about me🔁

I am currently helping build Nubank, a Sequoia Capital backed brazilian startup. We are empowering over 5MM Brazilians to take control of their financial lives.

This page is being updated. Meanwhile you can read more about design at Nubank ›

selected works

App for Interview

During Nubank’s team accelerate growth a PM friend and I created a platform to improve our teams' efficiency when phone-screening candidates.

Latam Airlines

Making flight contigencies less traumatic for the biggest air company in the region and perfecting their business class experience for long-haul flights.

Timtim por Timtim

A 3 year journey to make tech more understandable to older adults while helping tech companies to improve their products for those born offline.


Accessing the latest medical papers can be very expensive. In 2017 a group of developers from Boston invited me to bootstrap a platform that makes this knowledge more accesible to students and professionals in developing countries.


In 2016 I have redesigned Rico's home page and acquisition flow, increasing by 5 times the number of applicants per month in the first 30 days after launch.