Hi, I'm Lucas.

I'm a brazilian designer with a love for cooking, reading, cinema and chill music all of which I've been doing a lot during the quarantine. For the past decade I have helped companies build products, services and teams that are obsessed about their users.

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2018 - now
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I'm currently leading the design and user research team for credit card at Nubank, where I get to work with some of the awesome people on the picture above. Nubank is now the largest digital bank in the world with over 20MM customers. We’re operating in Brazil and Mexico, laser focused on our fight against complexity.

Over the past couple of years I have helped grow the team, shape design and product culture, foster customer understanding with an ever changing user base and us shift from twelve people team of generalists to a 80+ international design organization.

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Nurturing Design Culture

Growing an international design organisation

Product dashboards

Building the foundations for the most downloaded banking app in the world

A north for chargebacks

Making sure a team's goals and product vision are clear

Perfecting credit card limits

Making dark magic tangible to customers

Personal loans that empower

De-risking a product launch through user research

Livework Studio

2015 - 2018
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Over the three years I spent at Livework Studio, I have worked on several service and digital design projects accross different industries. During my time there I have navigated themes that varied from healthcare and public services to air travel and the financial sector.

In my final year at Livework I have worked on two projects that re-imagined both the worst (delayed/canceled flights) and the best (premium business class) experiences one can have with an airline.

The latter resulted in the five year vision that completely re-positioned the company's business strategy based on a new understanding of their customers. I also had a lot of fun building high-level prototypes to test inside a Boeing 777.

Livework still represents a very energetic moment of my career. After three years I left to work on a place where I would live the day-to-day of a product and learn from my mistakes once things were launched — an experience no consulting can ever offer.

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