hi, my name is


i'm a designer at livework studio & founder at timtim por timtim.


experience —

I'm a designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.
In the past I've explored design as a process through different solutions, creating digital and physical products and services that make life a more fulfilling journey.

I am currently crafting services and digital products at Livework Studio and also stoked to help older adults engage with tech at Timtim por Timtim.

I spend my free time travelling, camping, playing music, listening people's stories, taking pictures and collecting plants and pebbles from places I go. 
I also like experimenting with my routine habits, and discussing how to create better cities and societies to live in. I'm eager to understand the human mind and craft solutions that can both attend real necessities and fit a more balanced economy.

Drop me a line if you're up for a chat, or keen on working together ;)

on designing with passion —

I believe in Design as a single discipline and not in separated sylos (industrial, ux, research, etc). Over the years I came up with my own list of what design is about. It became some sort of a personal design ethos that helps me keep on track. 

Designing is about solving problems, understanding people, putting them in or taking them out of their comfort zone and creating meaningful experiences that enhance our living. Design isn't made by designers, but very often by the people we stumble upon during the process. Design is knowing when and where to break the rules. It is less about going crazy with the solution and more about considering people's goals more important than your own. Design is about being honest and acknowledging we have a duty to the public good. Designing is making with passion, having fun and turning our stay in this planet a lot less painful.

designed with ⚡️ in são paulo, brazil