i'm a generalist designer based in são paulo, brazil.

june 2018

It's my first month at Nubank. Currently taking a deep dive and slowly catching up with the rythm, might not be updating this so soon.

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Nubank is a brazilian startup backed by Sequoia Capital that since 2013 has been challenging the banking system status quo — in Brazil we pay the highest interest rates and fees in the world for some of the worst banking services. We are currently questioning and stepping-up every detail that makes a bank as we empower more than 4mm Brazilians to take control of their financial lives.

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timtim por timtim

Timtim is a personal project that aims on introducing digital services to those born offline. At the same time that we help people less familiar with the upcoming technologies, we assist companies to develop a better range of services to a ever growing demography of end users. In 2016 I've been invited to present the project at Cubo and in 2017 at Stanford University.

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pics coming soon!

2016 - 2018

livework studio

Previously I've been consulting at Livework Studio, a global service design firm that pioneered service design as a discipline. For almost three years I took part and lead multidisciplinary teams working on innovation and service design.

My role has been kind of a jack of all trades as I have ran projects from initial user research through to designing the strategy and evidences that make a service tangible to it's users.

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