Window shopping

February 21, 2020
São Paulo, Brazil

Before we get started into the redesign thing, here's some of the work that inspired me to get back at writing the code you're reading.

For quite some time now I have cultivated this personal collection of websites that really caught my attention at some point navigating the web.

One of my main goals with the redesign is to make this website more about the stories I want to tell, and not only focus on the technical design work. Here are some of websites I think have a good mix of personal/work either because their authors have a dedicated page to talk about themselves; by showing their thinking in their portfolios or even by having a strong voice on their blog.

Adam Morse ↗

Adam Noffsinger ↗

Adrian Mato ↗

Amruta Bruge ↗

Antonio Song ↗

Ben Minard ↗

Benjamin Berger ↗

Bek Stone ↗

Brian Lovin ↗

Charlie Deets ↗

Claudio Guglieri ↗

Craig Dehner ↗

Daniel Eden ↗

Ed Chao ↗

Frank Chimero ↗

Gabriel Valdivia ↗

Grace LaRosa ↗

Jenny Wen ↗

Joel Califa ↗

Jules Forrest ↗

Kevin Clark ↗

Liz Wells ↗

Matt Bond ↗

Nicole Fenton ↗

Nuno Santos ↗

Paul Stamatiou ↗

Peiran Tan ↗

Pendar Yousefi ↗

Rasmus Andersson ↗

Simon Pan ↗

Timothy Achumba ↗

Tom Petty ↗

Zach Cole ↗