2018 - now

I'm currently working as a Design Manager leading product design, user research and content strategy for credit card.

Over the last three years I have helped raise the quality bar of our product, grow an international team from 12 to 120+ designers, shape design and product culture and foster customer understanding as we build enduring relationships with over 30MM customers.

In 2019, Nu became the most downloaded banking app in the world and was recognized as one of the world's most innovative companies. In 2020 we have launched our credit card in Mexico and Colombia.

Livework Studio

2015 - 2018

At Livework I have worked on a number of service and product design projects, mostly spanning across mobility, health and finance combining physical and digital experiences.

Projects can't be publicly disclosed — but I can tell you about the time I helped the biggest airline in the region re-position their business class to focus on rest (and how we prototyped it in a Boeing 777); or about when I jammed with the Facebook public policy team to reimagine the platform around privacy; partnered with the UK government to help disabled students get access to their allowances or how I helped translate patient's journey with cancer into a living exhibition.

Other experiences and personal projects

2009 - now

Before that, I have helped brands trailblaze the early days of social networks; created an AR drumkit for Faber Castell back in 2011; improved how physicians discover and publish medical papers; designed physical products in the UK, worked on a concept and crash test of a hybrid vehicule and had my own endeavor helping older adults get acquainted with their digital gadgets.


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