A redesign in the open

February 19, 2020
São Paulo, Brazil

The first version of this website was built in 2009 with Squarespace. Since then, it went through 6 full redesigns as I adventured into the world of front-end. I decided to make this year's edition a live, out in the world, work in progress.

I decided to redesign my website. Around 3 years ago I removed all the projects from this url and turned it into a sober “about me” page.

I want this new version to get live updated as the process of redesigning unfolds. This way others can get a sense of progress just as much as I do. Looking for inspiration on how to make this as open as possible, I stumbled on Jonnie’s and Frank’s redesigns and decided to follow along. This will also be a fun little adventure as I put my hands in GraphQL for the first time.

This first post will serve as the Index for documenting the process.

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